Toyota Corolla Coupe 1970

Unfortunately most models stopped production by 1974, July to be exact. This hot summer month would mean the end of this production. The KE26 wagon version was still in production and marketed throughout Japan. Alongside this model was the new 30-series. This one had a run of another 4 years. In 1978 also this production

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Toyota Corolla

The Corolla is considered one of the top lines and already goes way back. All the way back until 1966. This year the Corolla was first introduced and managed to become the best-selling car worldwide by 1974. Hence for me difficult to understand why the production of the coupe stopped in 1974, please see my

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The second generation is the 1970 – 1974 series. Which belong to one of my favorites. These contain the E20 series and retrieved the exclusive Corolla and Sprinter names. Small differences were made to both cars which had effect on their performances. Among others the material, brakes with and without booster, solid discs on the

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Bringing back the Aussies. Most of these cars were getting famous because of the smash hit movie series Mad Max. They were the Australian answer to the American muscle cars. But then cheaper and mostly better made for a certain period of time. The headquarters of this car company was established in Port Melbourne and

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